Bots and artificial intelligence arrive on the scene to help media engage with audiences

Watch video of the conversational journalism panel discussion. When it comes to including robots in journalism, the greatest fear revolves around how they will replace humans in their reporting. However, if there is something shared by speakers in the panel “Conversational journalism: how bots and artificial intelligence can get us there,” it’s that this technology …  Read More

ISOJ conference to cover main issues of digital journalism, from industry’s disruption to mobile revolution

Journalists, media executives and scholars from around the world will converge at the University of Texas at Austin, once again, for the International Symposium on Online Journalismon April 19 and 20. This year, the program will cover some of the most relevant issues for journalism today, such as media companies’ response to the disruption of …  Read More

Hotel Information 2013

April 19 – 20, 2013 The International Symposium on Online Journalism will be hosted at: The Blanton Museum of Art Edgar A. Smith Building 1 University Station D1303 Austin, Texas 78712-0338 For more details and driving instructions please click here. Parking is available close to the venue at the locations listed below: Brazos Garage (BRG) …  Read More

ISOJ 2013 Archive

Opening Session

  • Rosental Calmon Alves, professor, Knight Chair in Journalism and UNESCO Chair in Communication, School of Journalism, University of Texas at Austin - Symposium Chair

  • Glenn Frankel, director and professor at the School of Journalism, University of Texas at Austin

  • Amy Schmitz Weiss, associate professor, San Diego State University - Symposium Research Chair

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Disruption and Innovation: News organizations strategies for the new media ecosystem

Chair: Neil Chase, consultant (formerly with, and Federated Media

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Research Panel: Not Your Typical News Audience – Anymore

Chair and discussant: C.W. Anderson, assistant professor of Media Culture, CUNY

  • Researching On The New Relationship Between Audiences And Journalism: A Methodological Toolkit

    Irene Serrano Vazquez, Concordia University, Canada

  • Read, Not Dead: A Case Study of #Redanddead Viral News Spread

    Geoffrey Michael Graybeal, University of Hartford, Jiran Hou, University of Georgia, and Carmen Hernández-Ojeda, University of Hartford

  • Soliciting Reciprocity Socializing, Communality, and Other Motivations for Linking on Twitter

    Avery E Holton, Kanghui Baek, Mark Coddington, and Carolyn Yaschur, University of Texas at Austin

  • 40 Million Page Views is Not Enough: An Examination of the Christian Science Monitor's Evolution from SEO to Engagement

    Jonathan Groves, Drury University, and Carrie Brown-Smith, University of Memphis

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Social Media, Journalism and the Urgent Case for Media Literacy

Chair: Robert Quigley, senior lecturer, School of Journalism, UT Austin

  • Keynote speaker: Andy Carvin, senior strategist, social media desk, NPR

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Responsive Design and Other Trends in Digital Platforms Architecture and Design

Chair and presenter: Roger Black, principal, Roger Black Studio Inc., New York

  • Trei Brundrett, vice president product & technology, Vox Media (SB Nation, The Verge & Polygon)

  • Michael Donohoe, product engineering director, Quartz, former senior product engineer at The New York Times

  • Miranda Mulligan, executive director, Northwestern University Knight Lab, former design director for digital at The Boston Globe

  • Travis Swicegood, director of Technology, Texas Tribune

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Research Panel: The News Business: Behind the Scenes in the Newsroom

Chair and discussant: Amy Schmitz Weiss, assistant professor, San Diego State University

  • iPerceive: Platform Priorities And Workplace Innovation In America's Consumer Magazine Industry

    Elizabeth Hendrickson, Vandana Singh, and Caroline Redmond, University of Tennessee-Knoxville

  • Excellence in Journalistic Use of Social Media Through the Eyes of Social Media Editors

    David A. Craig and Mohammad Yousuf, University of Oklahoma

  • Interactives of Olympic Proportions: The Diffusion of Data Journalism at The New York Times

    Cindy Royal, Texas State University - San Marcos

  • The "Status" of News: Implementation of Networked Technologies In Television News Organizations

    Tamar Ashuri, Tel-Aviv University, Israel and Atara Frenkel-Faran, Sapir Academic College, Israel

  • The Scion of Public Journalism: Case Study Evidence of a Link between Civic and Social Journalism and the Potential for an Atomized Public Sphere

    Mark A. Poepsel, Loyola University New Orleans

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The Post-Industrial Present

Chair: Joshua Benton, director, Harvard's NiemanLab

  • Keynote speaker: Emily Bell, director, director, Tow Center for Digital Journalism at Columbia University, former director of digital content for The Guardian (London, UK)

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Going Mobile: Challenges and Opportunities for Journalists and News Organizations in the Mobile Revolution

Chair: Mindy McAdams, professor & Knight Chair, University of Florida

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Research Panel: Beyond Content, Beyond Audience Measurement

Chair and discussant: Homero Gil De Zuñiga, assistant professor, School of Journalism, University of Texas at Austin

  • Website Features of the Top 100 Circulation U.S. Newspapers

    Heather Heater, Anita Ford, Jeremy Lyons, Brad Beckwith, Kris Miller, and Robert Bergland, Missouri Western State University

  • Sharing' The News On Facebook: Exploring The Differences Between News-Sharers And Non-Sharers On The Social Media Site

    Amber Hinsley and Samantha Johnson, Saint Louis University

  • Accept NO Substitutes! Well, Maybe Some...: Online Political Information, Credibility and Media Substitution

    Thomas J. Johnson, University of Texas at Austin, Barbara Kaye, University of Tennessee, and Aimee Meader University of Texas at Austin

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Data visualization: Creating a New Language to Communicate Big Data

Chair: Alberto Cairo, professor of practice, University of Miami

  • Alberto Cairo, professor of practice, University of Miami

  • Hannah Fairfield, senior graphics editor, The New York Times

  • Chiqui Esteban, visual journalism, Boston Globe

  • Scott Klein, editor of news applications, ProPublica

  • Kim Rees, partner & head of data visualization, Periscopic

  • Lisa Strausfeld, global head of data visualization, Bloomberg

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Research Panel: Innovative Approaches in the Global News Ecosystem

Chair and discussant: Mark Deuze, associate professor, Indiana University Bloomington

  • Finding Their Voice: Examining Some Internet-Based Initiatives that Are Changing the Face of the Indian Media Industry: An Exploratory Study

    Paromita Pain

  • Blueprint for Change: From the Teaching Hospital to the Entrepreneurial Model of Journalism Education

    Donica Mensing and David Ryfe,University of Nevada-Reno

  • Revisiting the Church-State Separation: A Comparative Consideration of the Effects of Advertiser Pressure on Traditional and Online Journalism

    Philip Napoli, Fordham University

  • The 'Original Platform': How Newsrooms Build Digital Loyalty and Generate Revenue Through Face-to-Face Engagement

    Jake Batsell, Southern Methodist University

  • Diffusion and Use of ICTs in Egyptian Newsrooms: A Longitudinal Approach

    Ahmed El Gody, Orebro University (Sweden)

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